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A Close Friend’s Words…

September 8, 2011

She said to me…

‘I know you have been hurt by love but so has everyone , and dont forget it also made you happy at one piont , sometimes the love is worth the risk of pain in hope of finding someone amazing who maybe for once just wont hurt us , you can’t give up when you have to still try (: and smile too because you deserve to be happy’ – Charlotte

She’s right, but if i’m honest, i can’t do it anymore, and so, i give up. I can’t live in hope, the reality is that that slim chance of hope, almost never happens. There’s no such thing as someone who won’t hurt you. And you know what, i don’t deserve to be happy, i’ve hurt people and i shouldn’t be happy knowing that. But, she is right, thing is, i just can’t do it…

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