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A Rainy Day

September 8, 2011

As i sit here, one thing i take notice of except the computer, is the window. More specifically, rain. Thinking about it, alot of people complain about the rain, “it’s horrible”, “it ruins my day”… .e.c.t. Yes, rain can cause discomfort, annoyance, and in the worse case, floods, and death.

However, that is what makes me respect it, honestly, I love the rain. A rainy day, my favourite day. A day you can walk around outside, almost completely alone. A kiss, in the pouring rain, it feels different, it’s more than a normal kiss. A rainy day, a day where you look to the sky, and think, think everything. The sound it makes as it lands, on concrete, trees, roofs. It’s a beautiful thing. And i find it quite calming, it helps me sleep. I think, “At least i’m not the only one who cries, i mean, the sky does too.” I don’t go out much, but when it rains, i want to go out, take a stroll, gather my thoughts. It’s a nice feeling, refreshing.

It makes me smile at the worst of times, thinking of how it falls from the stars, washes away the pain i’m drenched in. It’s truly an amazing feeling. A Rainy Day , My Day 🙂

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