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Final Fantasy 8

September 8, 2011

Final Fantasy 8, one of the first games i ever played as a child, a game that i will probably love forever, i mean, i’ve already completed it 100% at least 3 times, and the main story at least 7 times.

One thing i love about it, the story line, the characters personalities and how they develop. Yes there are flaws, people see charaters such as squall as whiney and annoying, but to tell the truth, most of them haven’t played the whole game, appreciated the storyline and his life. He matures a bit as the game goes on, so yeah, play it before you criticise.
Also, i absolutely adore the case art and how  it shows Squall, someone who people see as heartless, whiney and self centered. Taking Rinoa, a young woman into his arms in what seems to be a loving embrace.

Just thought i’d share that, as a random part of my child and teenage years ^^

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