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September 8, 2011

“Yes, friends, people who help you, people you trust, people you care about.”

I don’t have any anymore…

“so, you’re saying there’s no one you talk to about your feelings, no one you share secrets with, no one you love?”

Not anymore… It’s all over…

“What do you do, to smile, to keep happy?”

I don’t, i use music to manipulate the way i feel, and trap inside whatever’s left…

“Have you ever had a real friend?”

I have, but they hurt me, i’m afraid to have anymore…

“How does it make you feel?”

Terrible, i want it to end, not life, but the pain… I want friends, people i can talk to about things….but i can’t trust anyone…it’s too difficult…

“Who do you trust the most?”

I trust her, but i hurt her and i’m never gonna forgive myself, i hurt everyone and i can’t take it. Drenched in my pain again… i wanna get rid of all the bad memories, to remember the good times….

“You can do it, you’ve just gotta believe, you’ve got to smile no matter what, keep happy and live your life to the fullest.”

But how can i? it’s over for me, love, happiness, a great life. I’ll settle for the depressive one i made for myself, it’s…familiar somehow….

“Just smile.”


“Yes, Smile.”


“You know how, now do it, smile, find her, kiss her, be happy.”

I can’t do that, but i can help others, and that’s what i’ll keep on doing…


Yes, helping others, it’s not selfish to help others…

“But what about you?”

what about me? i’m just some guy…

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