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I Was Thinking…

September 8, 2011

Well, last night, staring at the computer, and I made a wish. A selfish wish. I wished that I could talk to someone, but i wouldn’t be talking about them, no, i wanted to talk about myself for once. I wanted to be able to cry, to smile, to talk and for them to just listen. But we all know that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. And so  i decided to make a blog…something i’ve never done before and never actually thought i would. But i decided it could be a place where i just chat and rant and things, a place to vent my feelings.

So yeah, this is me, a guy who made a selfish wish and it came to this. I’ve decided whenever i get down, upset, angry, fustrated or when my heart hurts i’m gonna come here. And trust me, if i have acess to a computer, that’ll be a hell of alot.

All this came from a thought, a thought i made after failing at love again, i told myself i gave up on it before, but that’s to be told in a minute, as for now, this is it, reminds me of writing my stories to be completely honest.

Have a great day.

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