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It’s An Escape…

September 8, 2011

It’s a kind of escape, music. The words, emotions and feelings are poured into them, it’s almost as if you can touch the very soul of the artist(s) and it helps, alot. You can realise that you aren’t the only one out there with troubles. Mayday Parade, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Simple Plan and many others. Each and everyone of them has a slightly different style, a slightly different way it affects you.

I’ve learnt to use music to manupulate the way i feel, to help me smile. It’s easy to be honest, you just need to find something you can relate to, and see how you feel as the song goes on, as it progresses and the feelings and emotions become more intense. It’s a powerful thing, Music. A single sentance, a single word can change you. A tear, a laugh a moment. A moment in which you feel several emotions at once. You can feel at peace with yourself and the world, the universe. Music, is powerful.

It’s an escape, it get’s you out of the horrors of the modern world and takes you to your own world. You’re safe there, happy, peaceful. It’s an amazing feeling, not topped by much. The emotions in the song, you reach out to touch them, just out of reach. If you could touch them you’d never come back, to the real world. You wouldn’t want to. It may be make believe, that little world, but for that brief moment of bliss, it’s all worth it. The tears shed, the anger felt, the fake laughter. It’s all worth it for that moment of bliss that music helps you reach. It’s an escape…

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