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Recent Story (no title as of yet)

September 8, 2011

By the way, this is no where near finished:

Chapter 1

I stand there, my worn Jeans and Trainers spattered with blood, my black hoodie torn. I stare at the abomination which I had just destroyed. Flexing my fingers and gloves around the fibre glass axe handle and taking another swing at another one. Taking its head clean off. I turn around, Yuri hanging from the arm of one of the creatures while Connor thrusts a metal fence post from a church fence into its brain. As he pulls it out blood sprays over his hoodie and the creature falls to the floor. I run into the same room as them to help rid it of the few remaining creatures. Connor hits one with a meat cleaver, getting it about halfway through its neck, Yuri then jumps onto the creature, tearing off its head. Connor lets out a cry. I turn to him; he is struggling to keep one of them from biting him. I dash up to him and break its neck, killing it instantly.
‘Thanks.’ Connor quietly says, rubbing his neck.
‘Anytime.’ I reply, ‘But there are two left.’
Connor smiles, holds up his blood covered fence post like a lance and drives it through both of their heads, pinning them to the wall, killing them … again. I toss Yuri a treat as Connor pulls his makeshift spear from them. Yuri lets out a bark.

‘We need to be there by nightfall James.’ Connor says while checking for more of them.
‘I know, we should speed up.’ I reply.
Yuri barks and Connor nods. We begin to run toward the school, just managing to avoid them in the street. Yuri darts ahead; being a young German Sheppard she is quite agile and fast. After about ten minutes we reach the school grounds.
‘Wait!’ I shout,’ We shouldn’t take the main entrance, they’ll be all over the place, we should go around the back.’
‘Agreed.’ Connor replies, nodding.
Yuri follows at our heels as we climb the fence around the back of the school. On the other side we open the gate for Yuri. Slowly we make our way around the edge of the school field, being careful not to stand in the open. As we make our way around a few of them wander the field. Yuri stay’s in the dark with us, slightly further ahead but out of their sight range. We come across the gate to the field.
‘Padlocked, again. Why does the caretaker always take his job so seriously?’ I say as I sigh.
Yuri barks and growls, I turn, there are three of them approaching us. It’s then that Connor shouts something inaudible and smashed down on the padlock with his meat cleaver.
‘See, easy’ He states as the gate swings open. Yuri rushes through after Connor, I slam the gate shut after I pass through. Connor sticks a small piece of metal through the lock and twists it. Click.
‘Hehe, that should hold it for a while.’ He whispers to himself.
We go through the nearest door and enter the school. The corridors are littered with the dead, blood smeared everywhere.
‘Damn it!’ I shout, ‘Surely someone is alive!’
Connor stays silent, as does Yuri. No reply, not even an echo.
‘Let’s keep looking.’ Connor say’s after a while.
We approach the canteen, Yuri stops and growls a little.
I look around, ‘What is it girl?’
‘Look out!’ Connor shouts.
I turn to see one…running…at me. I grab two knives from my belt and throw them through the air. They sink through it’s eyes and into it’s brain. It staggers forward a bit further and collapses. I withdraw my weaponry from it’s remains.
‘That’s another one down.’ I state smugly.
Connor lets out a little laugh and Yuri relaxes.
It’s then that a loud sound echo’s through the corridors, fighting.
We begging running toward it. We approach the music room, blood here is spattered, not smeared, like someone had been hit with something blunt and heavy.

We walk into one of the nearby rooms, I have my axe raised. A door suddenly swings open, one of them come flying out, slaughtered. Before I can investigate I’m grabbed from behind, Connor turns in horror as I turn to fight them off. He’s stunned by it all, unable to move. Yuri rushes toward them, ripping flesh from their limbs. Connor suddenly realises what’s happening and runs forward, in a fit of anger he repeatedly hit’s one with hit meat cleaver. Suddenly I’m sprayed with blood from behind, it releases it’s grip and I fall to the floor, exhausted. Someone is standing over me, Yuri sit’s next to me, Connor behind her. I look up at the figure. She smiles down at me. Spiked blonde hair, red tips, black fingerless gloves from her elbow, covering her whole forearm. Short, red pleated skirt and a loose white T-shirt. She’s spattered with blood. It’s then I realise I can see her underwear and I quickly sit up.
‘Hi.’ She say’s, ‘Name’s Neko, you?’
‘J-James.’ I reply.
She smiles again, offers me a hand, I take it and get up.
‘That’s nice.’ I state, ‘Modified guitar, electric but you’ve attached blades.’
‘Yeah.’ She replies, ‘It’s ok I guess.’
I laugh a little and she does too.
‘I’m the only one left, lets get moving.’ She says before walking out of the room.
We all slowly move about the corridors, striking any of them down that dare approach us.

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