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The Dream World

September 9, 2011

One more thought, before i attempt the task of sleep once again. Something i attempt once every few days. I think, when a human sleeps, often they cross the barrier between reality and the dream world. I begin to wonder, “Why is the dream world so perfect, yet so painful?” I mean, you have all these amazing dreams, but then, you wake and realise it wasn’t real. It isn’t happening and sometimes it can hurt. It gets me thinking, it’s confusing, is the dream world really a good thing? I mean, sure, it gets you out of the hell hole that is reality. But then when you come back, it often makes it seem so much worse. But yeah, then again, isn’t it the small, tiny moments of bliss, hapiness and perfection that we seek in life? So yeah, when i sleep, i hope to pass into the dream world. Into the arms of a close friend. Where i can hold them until time itself ends. You know what, I sometimes wish that was my reality, though honestly, reality as we know it is actually what i’d prefer. It’s familiar. I know it well. I can survive. And i love and care for alot of people here. So, i question myself again, is reality really as bad as it often seems?

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