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Just over a year ago now.

May 14, 2012

It was just over a year ago now i think, since it all went belly-up. I was too sad, i couldn’t read signals and i hurt her. At least that’s what she said. I did everything i could for her, but it wasn’t enough. I’m not really what i’d call a ‘man’ anyway. As long as she got someone better then that’s ok. However, i don’t think she realises the impact her words had on me. I still think about her every day of my life. I want her friendship if nothing more.

It was about 7 months ago that i lost contact with her i think. That’s when things really hurt, i just wanted to say hai every now and then, see how she was doing. But she got rid of her facebook, she lived too far away to see in person and my mobile decided to break on me. I still wish i could see her, just be a good friend. I think i’ve found her again though, on some other social site connected to emailing, it’s kinda like Bebo and Tagged had a baby and that’s what it looks like. I hope it isn’t one of those stupid spam messages considering it was in my spam folder.

Hopefully it won’t though, ’cause if nothing more, i just wanna say; ‘Hello.’

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