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Get Over It! Move On! Yeah… Right.. Like it’s that easy.

May 16, 2012

Been doing a bit of thinking, i do that too much, but oh well. After a breakup, as a teenager, nobody does anything to comfort you or make you feel better. As a guy you’re supposed to be ‘strong’. You’re supposed to ‘Move on’ and ‘Get over it’. It may not be true love, but it sure damn feels like it at the time. It’s never as simple as getting over it when you see them every day. Truth is, after the breakup a while back, i took it real hard. Didn’t see it coming atall. Some other people may have different opinions on the matter, but to each his own.
I personally found that if people are constantly telling you to move on and get over it, it just becomes harder and harder to do so, up to the point you have to hide away for months till the pain goes away and you can re-enter the world in a good state of mind. It may sound like i’m spouting a load of bullcrap and just rambling on, but that’s ’cause i am. if you don’t like it, then don’t read tbh.

I just come here for a read and to vent my feelings. As anyone may have noticed, i don’t have one specific topic. Buh oh well. Think that’s everything on my mind at the minute. Till next time.

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