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Dreams and Distractions

June 22, 2012

Dreams lately, everynight, i honestly hate them. It’s not that they’re bad, i mean, if i could i’d stay in them. But it makes me miss her, i just wanna hold her close.

Everynight, something about her, being with her, seeing her smile and laugh, feeling her arms around me as i hold her close. It truly seems perfect. But then i wake up, and i can’t shake the downer it gives me and i can’t get it off my mind. Hopefully see her sometime this year though, and until then, just gotta try smile.

Gonna try distract myself with some Final Fantasy, i own/i’ve completed 4-12 and so i may try complete as many of those as i can in a ‘gaming marathon’. I’ll likely be doing it on my own due to the fact none of my few friends actually like the game series as much as i do. If i don’t do that i’ll probably just take my time with the coursework i’m getting over summer from 6th form instead of doing it all in one. Anything to try keep my mind sane.

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