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What’s sleep?

June 26, 2012

Seems that once again my mind has rendered me unable to sleep. My brother kicked off today, making a spectacle of everything as usual, thought he might have matured by now >.> Claiming he needs his ‘space’ when he’s got more ‘space’ than anyone else in the house and doesn’t talk to anyone at home. Then onto of that i just can’t stop thinking of Charlotte, it seems like a lifetime since i last saw her, since i last hugged her. Plus my mind just won’t shut up, so many things going through my mind. Layed in bed for 3-4 hours before i gave up and got out of bed. I feel like crying, but i can’t physically cry, i hate it, puts a horrible feeling into my chest and i can’t shake it.

So again, remind me please, what’s sleep?

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