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Those Three Girls

July 22, 2012

Have you ever laid there at night and thought about love? How you have no one with you. The one person who loves you lives hundreds of miles away. Then there’s your ex whom you hardly talk to and she has no feelings of love toward you. There’s also this other girl you have feelings for, but your heart doesn’t belong to her, your heart is hundreds of miles away. Not that it matters because she doesn’t love you anyway, she doesn’t even see you since you told her of your feelings. You scared her away, she barely talks to you.

Those three people are on your mind. Always those three girls in your dreams, in your memories. You’re so desperate for love, you dream they’re there, beside you and you can hug them, kiss them. But you always wake alone. Tears always follow. So you sit at your window one night and write something like this.

Even though you dream of each of them, you know you only want one, you can only have one. She who is hundreds of miles away, she who loves you in return. Despite the fact you haven’t seen her in what you think is round two years you still long for her every night. Every day. Every moment that passes by she’s always somewhere in your mind. All you can do is wonder when you will be able to hold her close and whisper, ‘I love you’.

So many thoughts going through you head as you stare out of the window onto the dark crevasse of a street below, only turning your head away to look at the page on which you write these words.

Oh sleep, why do you alude me so?

Is it just me who has these sort of thoughts, or is it you too?



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