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September 6, 2012



On a bit of a random note, I was in bed last night, half asleep when i visualised myself falling down some stairs. I woke up and threw my hands infront of me as i sat up. looking hack now, it was actually rather funny.


Also, as usual. i’ve been thinking about a few select people. Even shed a few tears over Chelsea, well, a lot to be fair. i guess i still love her, well, i know i still love her. I can’t speak to her right now, i’ve no way of contacting her. I just wanna be her friend and know how she is. Also, Kirsty, i miss talking to her, and being around her. I remember sitting with her, playing with bubble guns and smiling. I hope to see you soon. And last, but not least, Charlotte, you mean everything to me, your smile, your beauty, your humour, your hair, your hugs, your kisses, your radiance, it all means the world to me. If you were here right now i’d hug you so much you wouldn’t know what hit you. I’d never let you go. Come stay with me a while, i’d prove that i love you, with words, with hugs, kisses and everythign else possible, just to make you smile a little more. I just wanna hug you and hold you close.

Till one of these things happen, i’ll try to smile. But i can’t promise myself anything.

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