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I read them again

September 6, 2012



I read it again Chelsea. the valentines card i got from you. The one i said i’d never get rid of, with the cross-stitch on it. As usual it made me miss you, brought a tear to my eye even.Then i turned and looked at my pin board and read something you may not even remember writing. A small piece of paper, the back looks like it was trigganomatry (Yes, i know i spelt it wrong) work. You wrote a lot on it; ‘I love you xxx’ ‘eyes like liquid topaz xxx’ ‘ma sivamete eternally xxx’ Quite a few tears ran down my cheeks as i read the whole thing. I miss you, your friendship, i wonder if you’re ok, how things’re going for you, if you’re happy.


I know you won’t be reading this, but if you do, please contact me. Yo utend to delete your internet accounts without warning, twice that’s happened now. It’s not like i can go knock on your door is it now XD

Yes, i’m living in the past, but i’m not ready for those to be just memories yet.

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