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I really can’t believe you…

October 1, 2012

Ugh, really? Seriously? I honestly can’t believe you just did that!

You start talking to me again, after what is years of silence, you tell me you still care, that you’re down, want my support. I give it to you, i listen, i cared. You tell me you care, that you wish things were how they used to be. You told me you still love me for fuck sake! You don’t just tell people that. Then, after talking for 2-3 days, you tell me you’re trying again with him. That you can’t talk. You don;t even give me a chance to reply before you cut me out again. Well guess what, this time, i’m done. I can’t believe you. You tell me you can’t talk to me, but if he hurts you, if he lets you fall, AGAIN, that you want me to be there for you. Are you fucking serious?! I know i will be, ’cause i wouldn’t just let someone fall, but really? ‘Oh, i can’t talk to you anymore, but i want you to be there for me if i need you.’  Damn it, you make me so, it’s not even anger, it actually hurts. Ahh, fuck it. If you cared you’d still be talking to me, why do i care? On top of that… you even accuse me of cutting you out of my life, that it upset you. Excuse me, but you’re the one who cut all contact with me, remember!?

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