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Why Can’t I Just Leave it.

October 23, 2012

So, i’m her friend, we used to be a hell of alot closer, used to see her every now and then, but then one time she was at mine for a little while and i was an idiot. I had/have feelings for her, I won’t mention her name for reasons i shall not state, but i know i was only her friend and that was all it was gonna be, but still, i kissed her neck, and a little more. I shouldn’t have. I know that. But i did. It was a while ago but i can’t get it out of my mind, ever since then we’ve drifted, i still care greatly though.
I want to talk to her about it, but she just brushes it off with a pinch of salt. Whenever i mention it, the subject gets changed, i know she doesn’t want to talk about it, but i do. Even though i feel like a piece of Sh*t every time i bring it up, ’cause i know i was in the wrong. I miss her, i haven’t seen her since and we barely talk, i try to bridge the void i created, but one man can’t bridge a chasm alone, he needs help from the other side…
I’ll keep trying, even if i got to talk about it with her i’m still not sure what i’d say. but i want it off my conscience, i fall deeper into this hole every time i mention it, but i gotta try.

I guess that’s all for my little rant, but yeah, why can’t i just leave the subject alone >.<

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