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Made A Promise Once

November 20, 2012

I made a promise once, to a girl i loved, i promised her i’d never forget her, that i’d always love her even if my love wasn’t returned. I haven’t seen her in nearly two years, haven’t spoke to her for around one. But still, i hold to this promise, and i shall forever, i promised her a place in my heart and she has it. Yes, i love her, but am i in love with her? No. I couldn’t be, i could never go through that again. It’s rare for me to even so much as become friends with a girl now, let alone love them. ‘too sad’ ‘too loving’ ‘too sexual’ ‘too loving’ ‘jealous’ and much more, flow throughout my mind on a regular basis, reminding me of her. If i had closure i suppose i could smile a little more, but until then, i shall wait until i can contact you again, my dearest friend.

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