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Just An Update

December 11, 2012

So, ‘spose this is just some kind of update on life as it is at the minute.

Well, first things first, started A level AS coursework for both English Language and English Literature. Not too hard but struggling to find an original speech topic to either persuade or argue, but i guess i’ll find one eventually.

Another thing is that I have a girlfriend. To some people it may not be much, but to me, it’s the world. My second one in fact. Her name’s Charlotte, not the one I’ve previously spoken about and so i shall refer to my current girlfriend as Charlotte J. and the previous as Charlotte D. So, that’s cleared that up. Well, Charlotte J. is amazing, makes me smile and is actually the first girl who I’ve been able to hold close at night. I feel like i hurt Charlotte D. and that kinda gets me down sometime, but yeah. Charlotte J. the first night i spent with her, i actually felt kinda rejected, silly i know as you’ll see now. You see, she was’t feeling too good and so i couldn’t hug her, i actually felt like i’d been hit in the chest with a brick, at the time it really hurt, silly i know, but yeah. It’s completely understandable as to why i couldn’t put an arm around her. But yeah, i’ll round this section to a close, I love her and that’s that. I feel like i kinda hurt Charlotte D. by loving Charlotte J. and that gets be down sometimes but i’m still there for her and i hope she understands that, she’s still my best friend, she’s just too far away and i couldn’t do it.
Well, saying Charlotte D. and Charlotte  J. is rather repetitive and irritating to type/read, but i guess it’ll just have to be gotten used to.

Nothing too much happening atm, but i shall let out all know if anything does, though i doubt anyone’ll be interested, but tbh, i couldn’t care less.

And no, i haven’t forgotten about Chelsea, i still think about her, wondering if she’s ok, i don’t love her, but i care for her greatly.

Well, that’s all, ‘talk’ to you all soon.

EDIT: Yes, them having the same name is just chance, wasn’t my purposeful doing.

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