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34 hours now

January 20, 2013

So been awake for 34 hours now and i feel terrible and have mock exam tomorrow. I want to sleep but i can’t, i’m scared, scared i’m gonna lose her. I couldn’t see her this weekend because of the snow, we needed that time to talk and sort things out :/

I’ve annoyed her again, i don’t know how, i think it’s ’cause i said she was smart, i don’t know if she thought i was being serious, but i was. She’s really smart compared to alot of people, myself included. I can’t sleep because she’s annoyed with me, i don’t want to go back to life without her, a cold and lonely life where you’re living everyday alone surrounded by people. She makes me happy, she makes me smil, she allows me to love and be loved, i’m terrified of losing her but i don’t know what to do asshe won’t talk to me. I can’t sleep and i want to cry. I want to give her a cuddle and tell her face to face that i love her. People will sau this is just a teenage fling, but it’s not. i do not do flings. She’s my ickle sweetie nd i never want that to change. I want to marry her.

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