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Scared? Maybe I Am.

January 21, 2013

Yeah, i know anyone who reads this is probably sick of me right now, but i don’t know what else to do, i don’t talk to many people. I’m scared, scared i’ll annoy her too much, i know she says she’ll never leave, but i’m always scared, to go back to being alone is terrifying, almost as terrifying as losing her love. I love her so much but i’m afraid to say anything, sometimes i feel like if i say i love her it’ll annoy her, which i think it sometimes does, i’m afraid to say anything atall but i never want to stop talking to her, i wish she’d just talk with me about it so we can sort it out, so i can stop saying things wrong. I know it’s my fault but i still want to fix it, i just don’t know how as i don’t know exactly what it is i’m doing. Maybe when i see you again things’ll work themselves out and i can make you happy again instead of failing you ❤
I love you Charlotte, i always will and that is a fact that wouldn’t change for anything, i’d give up everything to be with you if i had to ❤

I’m sorry for everytime i mess up but i’m really trying, i know it doesn’t seem like it but i am, i try to find something you like talking about, but it’s hard, i’ve never been good with conversation or relationships, you’ll have to help me, please ❤

I love you ❤ xxxx I want to be yours forever ❤ xxxx


EDIT: Ahah, i’m just being silly aren’t i? I know i won’t lose her, i won’t let it happen, i’ll keep trying 🙂 I think that this much time apart is just dragging things on. I’m sure when i see you again, maybe next weekend? that things’ll go back to how they were before, i love you so much sweetie ❤

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  1. January 21, 2013 12:15 pm

    Never say sorry when you share about yourself. It takes courage to be so open about what is bothering you, it is also the first step to rise above your situation when you are ready, take your time. Take care!



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