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Once Again, I, Have managed To Fuck Up.

January 23, 2013

Once again i’ve fucked up, said something that wasn’t meant to happen, two words, completely unrelated in my mind came out together and she’s so fucking angry with me. I wish i could take it back and i really don’t know if i can get her to forgive me this time. I’m terrified, absolutely fucking terrified. I panicked and i probably made it worse by trying to explain it. I don’t want her to leave me… Things were going so great tonight…
I’m crying, tears, actual tears of fear. I know sorry must seem like nothing from me now but i mean it every time i say it. My god i love her so much. Marriage, family, housing, it all came up tonight, i was so happy i wasn’t fucking up for once… So happy to make her smile… :/

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