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It kinda hurts…

March 5, 2013

Well, actually, it hurts alot, because i love her. That keyring, i hoped on day to match it with the othe half but now that seems it will never happen. I’ve moved the picture of me and her to my bedside table as i wear the necklace and hold the keyring. I miss her cuddles, i miss her cuddles more than anything else. I know i can’t have her as my girlfriend, or wife…  but, i want to be her friend, she doesn’t want friend ship… she doesn’t want to know me… She cries, she’s depressed… well, i am too, don’t forget that, i didn;t want you to go, i tried my hardet to hold on but you refused my love, my hand and my friendship…  You said you were afraid to take me back… i won’t hurt yo, i love you, don;t be afraid, take my hand…

but i am always here for you to talk to, you are Never alone sweetie, i am always here to talk to and to help if you need it, as your friend x

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