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A Little Negative, A Little Positive

April 12, 2013

Well, i suppose negative first, have you ever been played with? So confused that you don’t know where you stand. Afraid to say or do anything but unable to sit back and do nothing. Well yeah, that’s what it’s like for me right now, uncovered so many lies and acted like someone i wasn’t to try bring them back. I failed, again and again and i always shall, so, why do i try to be happy, i shuld just go be one of those people who live with their animals for their whole life, alone. i am not a toy. Right? But yeah, don’t wanna go into detail.
also… I’ve got a crap ton of coursework to do >.<

But now, onto the positive 🙂 Found a half-decent screen recorder that i can use for the 30 days free trial before i gotta find one i need to buy. So I’ve started a let’s play with Minecraft on my YouTube channel. I know this isn’t exactly something I’ve spoke about alot on here as it’s mainly been where i vent my negative feelings but along with those minecraft should pop up every now and then. I haven’t got much on my channel but i’d appreciate it if you could go look, watch a few and tell me what you think, what ones you like/don’t like and why you feel that way. constructive criticism and compliments will help me understand what i’m doing right/wrong. And, if you’re into the sort of thing i record then feel free to leave a like and subscribe 😛 it’d mean alot 🙂 thank you However… i don;t expect the coops with bubblebearcj will be going on anylonger due to personal conflict.

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