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May 24, 2013

Well, exams… lots of them. Only got one left now though, AS Psychology. This is the one that really worries me, being unable to match names and studies together, plus the inability to remember the specific data needed. But eh, i’ll do my best.

Anyway, aside from exams i’ve not been doing much with my life, Minecraft mainly. AWNW released their PVP-Survival server and i claimed myself a lovely little village along with Charlotte. It’s pretty fun, have a few Mob heads and even got a player head recently, haven’t told Charlotte yet, want her to discover it as a surprise 🙂

Also, Charlotte, my sweetie, been talking to her alot, and as i’ve said before, truth be told I Love her truly, and i want to spend the rest of my days with her. Family, pets, house, jobs, everything. I love you so much sweetie, forever and always ❤ xxxxx

Then, the fact i’m not doing much is leading to me getting fat. I know it. Everyone knows it. It’s just that right now i’ not motivated to do much, i mean, i want to, i keep telling myself i will. But i can’t appeal to my laziness. I suppose i’ll force myself soon. Eh, but yeah, this was just a little update on things, kinda bored sitting here at 23:51 with the internet throwing a fit not letting me do much. Then I think sweetie’s fallen asleep so i can’t talk to her either… Oh well, i’ll talk to her soon 🙂

But yeah, i’ll see you all soon, peace out.

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