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I Held You Close

June 4, 2013

Had Charlotte over Saturday, four days ago. It already seems like it’s been months. But we had fun. She came over in the morning, her mum dropped her off 🙂 We watched ‘Along Came Polly’ and cuddled a little. We also played Sims 2 on the PlayStation 2 for a bit, still barely started making the house XD  Played online a bit too, some duck game, she fell asleep on me while we were playing that 🙂 I kinda fell asleep too :$ but it was really nice to fall asleep with her again 🙂 Played a little more Sims after she woke up. It was upsetting to see her leave, but i wouldn’t give up that time for the world, i love her with all me heart. Being able to hold you close again was the best thing in the world sweetie.

On another note, AS Psychology exam tomorrow on 15 case studies… i’m so screwed… XD

Also, AWNW, the Minecraft server me and Charlotte play on is having it’s survival map reset as it’s had a good life for 7 months. It resets in, lets see, exactly 8 hours, 5 minutes and 46 seconds according to the countdown on the website:

Looking forward to it despite losing alot of valuable/rare items and our builds. But we can visit it all in the museum world, where it’s look but don’t touch. It’s gonna be a fresh new start, me and Charlotte plan on finding somewhere nice to build something. We have a few big projects planned already 🙂

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