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Been A Long Time

July 4, 2014

Well… It’s been a while, huh? Sorry. I’ve been kinda busy finishing up 6th form and such and going through the same pressure most teens do at somepoint – ‘get a job’. Right, like it’s that easy. Sure, you can apply, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get one.

Feelings. Eh. Everywhere. Generally alright but at times things’re boring and i just feel crap XD Social life still fairly non-existant, i’ve made efforts to get it back on track but it really doesn’t help when you’re completely ignored by every single person you try to talk to.
Half the time i feel like a stereotypical teen girl in that i’m hating my body. Weight, stretch marks, I can’t stand it and i don’t see how i’m going to be able to be confident about myself around any future partners is beyond me – I’ll let future James work out that.

Sixth Form Summer Ball tonight. I honestly don’t really know why i’m going, i’ve been told nearly nothing atall about it. I mean i had to phone up just to find out what damn time to be there. I just hope that it’ll be fun, i’ll probably do my usual thing and lurk in a corner somewhere. On top of that i just hope I actually get there on time and find out exactly what’s happening.

Hmm, i think i’m done rambling for now. Have fun all – Keep smiling no matter what.

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