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Drawing, Writing And A Friend

July 7, 2014

So, right now, i have three things to talk about, under two paragraphs. Welp, here goes, positivity followed by more positivity 😀

So, i mentioned trying to restore some aspect of a social life before, right? Well, I think I did anyways, and, i must say, i think i’ve done pretty well. Been talking to this girl for a bit over a day now and we get along so well. It feels great to talk to people more again 🙂 Admittedly, i have been talking to another close friend a little too when they’re not at work but this is about my new friend, who, i honestly feel close to. She’s a similar age to me, red hair and a fun-sized unicorn. She’s very positive and smiles alot – I like that 🙂 There’s also the fact that we have some similar interests, the first of which was some aspects of music which we spoke about for a bit 😀
Ahah, i sound like a little kid writing some of this but eh, you should know by now if you’ve read anything i’ve written here before that my writing skill takes a dip when i’m just spouting off everything from my mind all at once. For a second I was very hesitant about opening up to them, with me being a stranger to them, but i’m really glad i did.

Well, I hope to talk to them alot more over the next few days – hope I don’t become annoying. All this positivity has made me a little more smiley, i’ve been feeling rather lonely lately and this really picked me up 🙂 Well, i’ve decided to get back into drawing and writing again. I think my writing skill far surpasses my drawing skill, but i try 😛 I’ll probably attach a picture somewhere on this post about my most recent drawing alongside an older one for comparison (I’ve taken a big dip in skill, got to re-learn things again, not that they were amazing to begin with).

Ok, i lied, 3 paragraphs, and a picture. Listening to a variety of music atm and singing more than i probably should – If people could hear me ‘sing’ they’s probably cry, my voice is atrocious XD Thinking about stories I can write, particularly ones that differ from old ones, they were a bit eh most of the time – but i enjoyed it 🙂 Hmm, i’m not sure what to write, so here. New followed by old. I drew at a weird angle… Oh well :3



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