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August 9, 2014

I don’t really know what to write, but, I feel like i should write something. I just feel kinda eh… before i get onto that, a couple of positive things, had step-dad’s and little sister’s birthday over last couple of days. That was nice. Oh, and I watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, glad i finally got around to it, i liked it alot more than the game.

Though right now I just kinda sit here staring at the screen, 18:29 apparently, time goes by fast. Lately there’s been one person who i’ve been talking to who’s made me smile, made me more confident in myself and made me feel as though i could open up to them about things, even the worst of things. Though now that’s not really happening, much. I wrote down something to show them after this was all over, though how things’re looking right now I don’t know if that’s going to be possible. I guess it’ll be for my eyes only, a reminder of how I feel… how i felt. Not sure how much of what I was told is true, but until proved otherwise i’ll try to believe it all, even if the smile’s gone. There is so much I want to say to them but now i don’t know if i should, i mean, you can’t change a person. Though to be honest I don’t want to change them anyway, they were just perfection as they are. I suppose i’ll get over this after a while ahah. Back to listening to Mayday Parade for a couple hours.

Yeah, like i said, not really sure what to say, as i don’t want to say too much right now because most of it is just a ‘what if’ scenario in my head. I always listen to my mind after instead of before, silly really but it’s just how I am. No regrets though, not a single one surrounding this.

Either way, everyone keep smiling and don’t let anyone get you down, because no matter what there’s always a chance you can pull through whatever’s getting you down, or at least lessen it’s effect on you. That goes for you too, if you read this, you know it’s you i’m talking about.

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